Ray Comfort’s ridiculous offer

Ray Comfort has had enough.  He has thrown down the gauntlet and made a challenge no scientist in their right mind would accept – he has offered $10,000 to anybody who can demonstrate they can create something from nothings at all!

Ray’s premise is that this is clearly impossible, therefore the theory of evolution (which encompasses everything from the beginning of the universe, through to atomic development, the emergence of life, and actual evolution) is false.

“Humanity, with all its intelligence, can’t make a grain of sand from nothing,” he states. “In fact, I will give $10,000 to any scientist who can create something material from nothing — even a grain of sand, a leaf, a bird, a frog, a horse, a cat, a cow. We haven’t got any idea how to do it.”

What Ray Comfort fails to realise is that nothing we have ever witnessed in the entire history of mankind has been created from nothing.  Everything we see is merely the rearrangement of exiting matter.  In fact, one of the most tested theories (which does not mean “guesses”) in science is “matter can neither be destroyed or created, it just changes form”.

The extraordinary irony here is that creationism does claim everything came from nothing at all.  God just spoke a word and the entire universe just poofed into being from nowhere at all, out of nothing, from nothing.  If Ray were anywhere intellectually honest he would have to admit this, but to spite having these things pointed out to him repeatedly over the years by expert from many fields he refuses to acknowledge the point.

I do not mind people being ignorant – indeed I am ignorant of many things.  This is not an insult, it’s a matter of fact.  What I truly despise are people who are willingly ignorant – those who refuse to acknowledge the flaws in their arguments in fear of the consequences.  The truth is the truth – we should seek it.

Posted February 20, 2009
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