Probing ACCESS Ministries

Today has been a big day for Access Ministries.  After Mike Stuchbery exposed their CEO, Evonne Paddison,  revealed their true motives regarding Special Religious Education in Victorian schools when she thought the public weren’t looking.  While the the vast majority of comments on The Age were sensible and supportive of the movement to Stop the National School Chaplaincy Program, a few stood out.  I present them here for your amusement.

Posted May 13, 2011
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  • markken57

    How aweful indeed. It's OK for the ACL and a cabal of the frocked to openly agitate against secular ethics classes (and be pandered to with private audiences with Premiers and Prime Ministers) but any person who values the separation of church and state should just shut up?

    • askegg

      I sometimes wonder how evangelical Christians can be against ethics classes if all things great come from God. But then again, no aspect of religion makes much sense.

      • AndrewFinden

        + Jensen has stated he is not against ethics classes – he has called for them to be made available to all children, not just those who opt out of SRE.

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