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This week it just little old me, the microphone, and a few stories.  Oh yes, and Ronnie Williams and Hugh Willson drop by for a chat about the National School Chaplaincy Program.  I can’t quite believe I managed an hour and half – geez I can speak some rubbish.  Still, if you like this sort of thing, drop me a note in the comments.

Posted July 1, 2012
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  • Mare Vaporium

    Actually I quite enjoyed your solo venture here, especially when you’re putting on voices to add to the flavor. Not only did it make me laugh, it got me to listen closer to what you’re saying. That said, I think your background music was a little too… energetic, it was a bit distracting at times but that may just my dislike for the style coming through.
    Good interview, gotta work out those bugs in your connection but I’ve been following the NSCP controversy ever since you educated me on it. My congratulations to Ron Williams, it may have been relegated to being a minor victory but it is still a step in the right direction.

    Lastly Texas Republicans, may they please stay in Texas! And stop running for office. This makes me happy that I live in a moderately more sane state where the GOP platform actually includes this little nugget:
    “Party officials must place public service ahead of personal gain.”
    While still including this bit of bile:
    “B. Our children need secure and nurturing environments, which are best found within the traditional family. No law should be enacted nor policy implemented without fully contemplating the effect it would have on children and their families.
    C. not universally achievable, the ideal, best environment for children is within a two‐parent family based on the principle of marriage between one man and one woman. The Republican Party endorses a constitutional amendment protecting our Defense of Marriage Act and enshrining in constitutional law marriage as it is defined in our “DOMA.””

    The odd gap at the start of C is actually in the document and makes one wonder…. Either way, they still don’t like us gays.
    They close the section on Family Values with this:
    “E. Those persons in our society best equipped and motivated to protect and nurture children are their parents, not government bureaucrats, teachers, counselors or social workers. The Republican Party endorses legislation to re‐establish the right of parents to consent to health care involving their minor children, regardless of whether such care entails diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted disease, alcoholism, drug abuse or mental illness, and particularly in the consequential arena of abortion and contraception”

    So in short, while not as openly lunatic as Texans, even in Illinois they want to stifle the ability of educators to educate regarding those difficult life choices, as well as the ability of Welfare and Social Workers to assist those going through the difficult and and often destructive situations of mental illness and drug abuse. Most of all they want to make sure those nasty girls get punished for having sex by saddling them with an unwanted child after they took away the people who could have educated her about safe sex and preventing pregnancy. As seen in the next section titled “VI. EMBRACING THE FIRST FREEDOM: THE RIGHT TO LIFE”.

    B. We believe that all innocent human life must be respected and safeguarded from conception to natural death:
    C. The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life, which cannot be infringed. The Party affirms its support for a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution and we endorse making clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection applies to unborn children.
    D. We urge the reversal of Roe v. Wade

    *sigh* One can only hope one day they will realized there is a difference between a cluster of cells parasitizing a woman that *might*, given the right chance, grow into a human; and an independent human being with a functioning brain. And that those who are already grown have the right to decide if they want to bear that cluster of cells inside their body for the better part of year so it has the opportunity to become human. The “life beings at conception” thing isn’t going to go away any time soon though, and will remain the base excuse of this argument until the true basis has been marginalized to the point of contempt and pity. (*ahem* religion)

    Either way, they are a little better than the Texan party, in that they support immigration and have considered ways to offer people who are currently illegal to become legal, rather than dumping them back across the border. They also get half points for education ” All children in our educational system should have access to a quality education which puts the students’ interests first, and no child should be forced to attend schools that do not educate.” Of course, our education problems are a little different Texas’, we haven’t sunk as low as they have. Yet.

    I do give them full points on this one :
    A. As the party of Theodore Roosevelt, the Republican Party has a long tradition of respecting the environment, allowing for the responsible use of natural resources to benefit the present generation while preserving our natural resources and heritage for future generations.
    The best way to ensure a clean environment while respecting private property rights is to apply sound scientific evidence and a determined focus on balance when making environmental policy.”

    If anyone cares to read the full party platform of the Illinois Republicans it can be found here:

    In short, the main course is “Abortion is bad!”, a side of “Gays shouldn’t marry!” with “Traditional Values” gravy and “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” while for dessert you can have “Limited Government” that sticks its nose into everyone’s personal life while allowing corporations to run amok. Oh wait, I think that sums up the GOP on a national level too, everything else is just local flavor.

    • Andrew Skegg

      1) Thank you. I was not sure about the solo effort, but I think it turned out alright. Happy to do it again if required.

      2) The music was an experiment to make the podcast a little more entertaining (given it was just me). I might have to up a bit loud, or have chosen the wrong backing track, or simply made a bad decision. I will continue to tinker and elicit feedback.

      3) That’s quite a lot of information about the GOP. Thank you. I did not realise each state had their own policy document – hence in Australia we simply have national political parties with national policies – even though they are implemented at local levels. This makes it easy to determine a political parties platforms really are – and most of them are crap,

      • Mare Vaporium

        Yeah, I kinda overdid on the local flavor for the GOP, sorry! heh. There is actually a national level GOP platform too just to add to the confusion.

        Don’t sweat my critique of the music, I think you had the sound level right but I am a picky bastard when it comes to music and it doesn’t take much to make me twitch with annoyance. It didn’t make me not listen, that is for sure.

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